Sad Little Butterflies

Quick strokes, flaps
Soft touch, a tingling sensation
Fast and faster still
A thousand little racing hearts
Exuding excitement
Radiating irrational emotions 
Hysteric laughs
In energetic waves
They are alive and happy now
Unassuming in a bubble
Broken free, disorientated
Just for the moment

Suddenly something turns
A fact, a feeling, a circumstance
Makes them stop mid air
Frozen in shock
Paralysed by the burst of illusion

Quick flaps become slow strokes
Not buzzing but trembling
In downward motions
A thousand little heavy hearts
Weighed down by reality
Every stroke of delicate wings
Like coming up for air in vacuum
A different kind of restlessness

You can't help but laugh in bitterness
Before you shed tears in mourning
For these creatures you wanted to nourish
You wanted to raise, wanted to fly

The pain it strikes when you realize
Nothing makes you feel alive
Like sad little butterflies

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