I fall in love with places with strangers 
then friends

Making a home for myself is a thing I can do
It's easy when you have no roots to burry yourself in new soil and stick

And you'd think that because I have no roots it doesn't hurt when life drags you out of the earth that is still fresh around you
You'd think it'd be seamless smooth alright and quick when the body won't put up a fight

But the mind it yearns and weeps
And the heart it's heavy
It feels so much
Does it feel too much
This unprotected heart
This naive pump
Growing roots of it's own

Making connections so deep and scarlet red
Like lifelines it throws out to these new places and strangers 
then friends

The mind it knows it should protect this whimsy heart on a sleeve
Should say don't give it all hold back and wait
But the heart is not half hearted
It's in and full and deep and ready to place new roots

In moist soil

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