Mass Creation

I just want to make something.
Create something.
To do this thing and look back on it and see something that wasn't there before.

It is a force that drives me but lately it's only been driving me against a wall. A big fat concrete wall.

Thousands of sounds, images and words are unleashed to the public every second every day. When the whole world turns into a microphone it seems as though everything has been said. Not many of these thousands of sounds, images and words are new. Barely any. If that is the case, if the only thing we could perhaps contribute is the form of a message that has been conveyed in abundance, why do we bother? What is it that causes us to keep creating? The tiny hope of finding the needle in the haysack? Or simply to urge to compete with the noise?

Because noise is all I hear lately. Mass-creation, born out of opportunity, thriving on social and economic greed. I admit I am naive and idealistic while also not being a bit better than anyone else out there. The feeling of dissatisfaction despite abundance leaves me hollow. Like feeding on pounds of plain rice when all you wanted was a single sweet berry.

Being swamped by feeds of creations that I acknowledge with the flick of a finger has drained me of belief in originality. Especially my own. I can't create for I can't stand knowing that somebody has already done that thing, most likely even better.
There is only one thought that is worse: To stop trying. Because I know that there are treasures buried and ideas wandering through the night waiting to be found. Ideas that are young and fresh, ideas that will change everything. And shouldn't that alone be worth creating? And even if I will never be the person to discover them, I should be damned if I gave up on everything else I can learn from trying.

Let this mark the beginning of making an effort for the sake of myself and my creativity.

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