Cold (#2)

I used to be a winter girl. I still love the idea of winter, the romantic strolls on icy ground, the smell of cinnamon and gingerbread, the calming falling of snow. The cold never bothered me, it was just an excuse for chunky knits and scarves.

Today, the cold leaves me anxious. I have begun to feel the cold and it comes with tension that tortures not only my body but my mind too.
Every gusty wind and breezy air makes me squirm like a trapped mouse. Like needles piercing my skin and shackles wrapping around my bones.

When did I become so cold?

My mother used to fight with me about my scarce use of the radiator; I would catch the flu for sure and why wouldn't I wear the wooly socks?

Do we all get cold? Is it perhaps even necessary that at some point in our lives we are made to feel incredibly uncomfortable so that we are forced to take action? And by action I mean more than just putting on socks. I mean taking on the tedious task of insulation. Yes, perhaps that is it: Self insulation. Working, prepping, building your self up to become more weather resistant. Keeping the warm in and the cold out.

I am terrible at metaphors.

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