Comfort (#3)

Photo by Iker Urteaga on Unsplash

Your worst enemy is comfort.

While to feel comfortable is usually more enjoyable than discomfort, this state can turn into a golden cage. 

"Don't fix something that isn't broken" we often hear. But to grow we need to fix and build and to do that we need to break. The idea of breaking is likely to induce fear in most people and we much prefer being comfortable than anxious. 

Like for many my age, or even older, Lego used to be one of the favourite games as a child. There are so many options, each new block represents a decision: colour, size, positioning. In the end, you have a creation composed of a string of multiple decisions where each brick is variable. 

Imagine watching a child complete a Lego house it has worked on for a few hours. What you will also see that after a while the child starts to take apart the house and begins to alter its appearance or to completely change course and build a plane instead. That doesn't mean that the child wasn't happy with the initial house or doesn't recognize the labour that went into the construction. It simply shows that the fun in Lego is in the act of building, the process, not as much in the final result. It also shows that the child understands that the house it had built is only one of infinite possibilities and the curiosity of finding out those other options outweighs the rather mundane activity of admiring one's work. 

Perhaps this is what lies at the core of most our dilemmas. Perpetually being torn between a longing for stability and a yearning for novelty. Ultimately, the human nature of inevitable growth (physical and mental) dictates a certain dynamic which we will want to mirror in our actions. 

It can't be a coincidence that most songs tell stories of heartache, injustice or sadness instead of happy families and sunshine picnics (ok, ignoring country here). Discomfort sparks creativity. In search of solutions to our problems, our mind is stimulated more than if everything were just fine. Pain, especially, makes us poetic, dramatic even. 

To break free of comfort takes courage and passion. Finding a reason why the status quo isn't doing it for you anymore and then deciding to take action are the first two steps in a long process. It won't be as easy as taking apart lego bricks and it will also take a lot longer. Choosing discomfort is like getting out of bed on a cold and rainy Monday morning - hard, stressful but worth it in the long run. 

And if you've taken the first step you can take so many more. 

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