Wall (#1)

One day there was a wall. You didn‘t notice its appearance. You were too busy comfortably sitting in your corner watching the world through a window. It was only as the wall  slowly cast a shadow across your face that you began to feel anxious. Now there was no way to go and the sanctuary you had built for yourself was turning into a prison. The view out of the window remained clear but the scenes you once indifferently observed turned into a tantalizing reminder of your inability to join the picture.

Every now and then you would get up and cautiously approach the wall, contemplating giving it a push hoping it would cave and set you free. Your arms however had grown weak of lack of movement in your confined space and could not move the wall an inch.
As time passed your mood darkened while your mind ran in circles, chased by doubt and fear.

If only you had stripped your gaze away from the window long enough. If only you had observed the wall more closely. Then you would have come to realize that the wall in fact was a curtain, waiting to be pulled aside and longing to expose a whole new world.

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