Who am I? My name is Anissa Marie and I am from Germany. I was born in Hong Kong, my Mum is German and my Dad is from England.My highschool years were spent on a small island of the northern coast in Germany. In summer/autumn 2015 I spent four and a half months backpacking in Japan and Australia and will soon be studying Media-and Communication-Management.

What is this all about? Good question, I'm glad you asked. I'm still in the process of finding my voice and on here are things I wonder about daily. Shower thoughts, if you will. With a whole lot of self-reflection.
So if you like a bit of everything and don't mind sentences that start with 'and' or 'but' you have come to the right place! Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback!

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  1. Hey hey! How are you?! I live in Florida! And would LOVE to go backpacking in Japan!! Omg...How fabulous! Hope you don't mind a new follower?!


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